Our School's Heritage

St. Mira’s High School aims to bring out the best traits in children. We provide the necessary opportunities, teach skills thereby enabling them to develop inquisitiveness and acquire knowledge that will be relevant for the rest of their lives.

Our Defining Traits

We consistently care and provide an environment which is SAFE, CONGENIAL and STRESS FREE. We treat every child as a unique individual and tap into their natural capabilities.

Child First

Our students are the centre of our universe. Every thought, plan and action is made putting them first. We take complete ownership of the child's learning and ensure that the speed and intensity of imparting knowledge is calibrated with his or her pace of understanding.

Research Based Academics

Our academic process is joyous in spite of the rigour involved. The methodology of imparting education, the lesson plans, the periodic tests, the practice sessions etc. are all developed in a scientific manner, emphasizing objective based learning.

High Quality Faculty

Our faculty is well qualified and experienced but what sets them apart is the immense passion they have towards imparting knowledge. We have multiple capability building programs, which our faculty undergo for continuous development.

Holistic Development

In addition to the academics, we also provide our students multiple avenues to DISCOVER, LEARN and NURTURE their hidden potential. We tap into their natural instincts and work on their strengths.

A very warm welcome to the students and parents. Let us embark upon this joyous journey together in providing the BEST for the growth and development of our children.

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