Early Years Program

The early years of childhood are the most magical! It is during these years that there is a remarkable physical, mental and social development in the child.

At the heart of all the learning that takes place is our highly-skilled, vastly experienced and constantly innovating central team of academicians entrusted with the task of conceptualizing the curriculum. The curriculum is a rich blend of the best of pre-primary methodology. The teachers use creative and innovative techniques to widen the horizon of learning.


The school’s role extends beyond providing academics, it introduces extra-curricular programs for moral and character development, facilitating professional growth and creating a holistic learning experience for the student.

Our Mission and the belief system have deep rooted significance in its functioning. We take pride in stating that the school has carved a niche for itself in the field of education. We owe our success and consistency in our performance to the following factors.

  • Unique and innovative strategies for teaching
  • Child friendly curriculum
  • Experienced and committed facilitators
  • Sound infrastructure
  • Safety management
  • Advanced learning equipment

To fulfil this Mission, the team facilitates the educators and provides innovative teaching material.

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